North and South Atlantic Ocean
North and South Atlantic Ocean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
January 1 2016. 6.3 quake, Antarctic Ridge. Mosquito carried Zika Virus has seen its first case in Puerto Rico. It has caused an epidemic of brain damage in newborn children, and a state of emergency, in Brazil South America. It causes only mild illness in adults but severe brain damage to newborns when a pregnant mother gets the virus. Another form of the Fourth Horseman Death.

January 3 2016. 6.7 earthquake, India.

January 4 2016. Stocks dive, economic chaos. Fall in Dow, U.S. stock market. Saturn is now in Sagittarius.

January 5 2016. Volcano eruptions in Guatemala, Central America, and Indonesia. Announced that the largest ever Blue Star Sapphire, at 1404 carats, was discovered in Sri Lanka in August 2016.

Jan. 6 2016. North Korea tested what they claimed was an H-Bomb, but more likely was an A-Bomb.

Jan. 8 2016. Hitler's book "Mein Kampf" went on sale in Germany, for the first time since World War 2.

Jan. 11 2016. 6.5 earthquake, Phillipines.

Jan. 14 2016. 6.7 earthquake, Japan.

Jan. 18, 2016. Volcano in Mexico, ash eruption.

January 20 2016. The 5 brightest planets are in a line just before dawn on January 20. The five planets in a row are a sign of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse riding in 2016 - 2017.

Jan. 21 2016. 6.6 quake in Mexico. A UK government inquiry found that Litvinenko was probably poisoned with Polonium 210 because Putin ordered it. Note that there was a previous poisoning incident associated with Putin in Ukraine, see this page.

Jan. 24 2016. 7.1 quake in Alaska.

Jan. 25 2016. 6.1 quake, Morocco.

Jan. 28 2016. Space Shuttle Challenger disaster 30 years ago. They are going to make a Delorean car again (as in the "Back to the Future" movie).

Jan. 31 2016. 7.2 quake in Russia.

Feb. 5 2016. 6.4 quake, Taiwan.

Feb. 6 2016. Volcano eruption in Japan. On February 6 2016 a meteor or small asteroid exploded in the South Atlantic Ocean, off Brazil, the biggest meteor explosion since 2013 in Russia. Could relate to the Zika virus epidemic in Brazil.

Feb. 8 2016. 6.4 quake Papua New Guinea.

Feb. 9, 2016. Volcano eruptions, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Feb. 10 2016. 6.3 quake Chile. Volcano eruption in Guatemala.

Feb. 11 2016. Announcement that gravitational waves were detected.

Feb. 12 2016. 6.3 quake Indonesia.

March 2 2016. 7.8 quake, Sumatra Indonesia.

March 8 2016. Total solar eclipse over Indonesia and Pacific Ocean, 854 PM EST Tuesday March 8. Also an astrology cluster of Sun, Moon, Neptune, Mercury in Pisces, Venus nearby in Aquarius. And Asteroid 2013 TX68, about 100 feet wide, passed close to earth. Note that Revelation 6:8 is the Fourth Horseman Death. So this is an ominous energy on March 8, Death could be riding in 2016. Also at that time: North Korea threatened a nuclear attack on the U.S..

March 12 2016. 6.3 quake Alaska.

March 14 2016. Pi Day 3-14-16, 3.1416. Putin ordered Russian military forces to leave Syria.

March 17 2016. North Korea missiles launched off South Korea.

March 20 2016. President Obama visited Cuba. 6.4 quake in Russia. 4.6 quake in Hawaii, note there is a danger of an earthquake causing a landslide and tidal wave there.

March 22 2016. ISIS radical Muslim terrorist attack in Brussels Belgium. Bombings at airport and metro station.

March 28 2016. Alaska volcano eruption.

April 3 2016. 6.9 quake Vanuatu in Pacific. Azerbaijan - Armenia cease fire after fighting over territory dispute.

April 6 2016. 6.7 quake, Vanuatu, in the Pacific Ocean.

April 10, 2016. 6.6 quake, Afghanistan.

April 11, 2016. Secretary of State Kerry visited the A-Bomb dropped site in Japan.

April 13, 2016. 6.9 quake in Burma. A Russian Fighter Plane flew about 70 feet from a U.S. Navy Destroyer in the Black Sea. More intimidating risky behaviour by Russian planes under the direction of the Antichrist Putin. The CDC announced that the Zika virus has been proven to be causing birth defects (microencephaly). Zika is spreading across South America, Central America, and the Carribean. A health emergency.

April 14, 2016. In Japan 6.0, 6.2, 6.4 quakes. Major earthquakes and volcanoes may increase in 2016 - 2017. Russian jet fighter plane flew close to a US Air Force Reconnaissance plane over the Baltic Sea.

April 15 2016. In Japan, 7.0 quake.

April 16 2016. 7.8 quake, Ecuador, South America.

April 28, 2016. 7.0 quake, Vanuatu in Pacific.

April 29, 2016. 6.6 quake, North Pacific Ocean.

May 5 2016. There were a lot of rumours about something big occurring on 5-5-16, such as 5/5/2016 being when the Messiah comes, or when the Antichrist is revealed, or The Rapture occurring on 5-5-2016. Myself I don't think there was any particular significance to 5 May 2016, I think a more significant date is June 10 2017, and also August 27 2016 and October 3 2016, as described on this page.

May 9 2016. Transit of Mercury across the sun.

May 14 2016. Putin President of Russia warned the U.S., that the U.S. deployment of missile defense systems in Europe bordering Russia, has started a new arms race with Russia. And that Russia will "neutralize" the U.S. missile defense.

May 18 2016. Ecuador South America 6.7, 6.8 earthquakes.

May 19 2016. Egyptair Flight MS804 plane crash over the Mediterranean Sea, Flight 804 was flying from Paris France to Egypt.

May 21 2016. Volcano eruption in Indonesia.

May 27 2016. President Obama visited Hiroshima Japan, where the atomic bomb had been dropped at the end of World War 2.

May 28 2016. 6.6 quake near Fiji in the Pacific. 7.2 quake near Visokoi Island in the South Atlantic off the Falkland Islands near Argentina.

May 29 2016. Russian President Putin went to Mount Athos in Greece, a holy center for the Eastern Orthodox Church. Also Putin had a meeting with the Prime Minister of Greece. Also Putin said that Russia will retaliate against the U.S., if the U.S. stations missiles in Romania.

May 31 2016. 6.4 quake, Taiwan.

June 2016 is 50 years after June 1966, 6/66. In May 1966 the China Cultural Revolution began. And 100 years after two of the biggest battles of World War 1: May 31 1916 Naval battle of Jutland, July 1916 Battle of the Somme.

June 1 2016. 6.6 quake, Indonesia.

June 2 2016. It was found that King Tut's dagger was made from a meteorite. Flooding Seine River in Paris France, a 30 year high flood.

June 5 2016. 6.3 quake, Indonesia.

June 7 2016. 6.3 quake, Indonesia. Hillary Clinton won the New Jersey and California Democratic primaries, clinching the Democratic nomination for U.S. President. The gravity of Jupiter is now drawing the Juno NASA spacecraft to Jupiter, and Hillary's nomination for President. See on July 4 2016.

June 10 2016. 5.2 earthquake, Southern California. 6.1 quake, Nicaragua. Volcano eruption in Phillipines.

June 12 2016. Terrorist shootings at a night club in Orlando Florida.

June 18 2016. Phillipines volcano ash eruption. Volcano eruption in Guatemala.

June 19 2016. 6.3 quake, Vanuatu in Pacific.

June 21 2016. 6.3 quake near Papua New Guinea.

June 23 2016. England (U.K.) Brexit vote to leave the EU. This Britain UK vote on BREXIT, England leaving the Europe Economic Union, resulted in stock market and economic and political chaos in Europe. Could relate to Saturn in Astrology sign Sagittarius, so economy chaos and recession through 2016 and into 2017, the Third Horseman economic disaster riding. I ran the King James version Bible Code on this, usings search words Brexit and London, and got this matrix of interest at Old Testament 2 Samuel 15:22 to 1 Chronicles 2:55, that includes 2 Kings 5:5 (King James version): "And he departed, and took with him ten talents of silver, and six thousand pieces of gold,". Also in this matrix: the nations, the country. So this matrix seems to relate to Brexit.

June 26 2016. 6.4 quake Kyrgyzstan.

June 27 2016. US Supreme Court 5-3 decision defending the right to abortion, striking down a Texas law limiting Texas clinics that can perform abortions.

July 4 2016. The Juno NASA spacecraft reaches and begins orbiting Jupiter. It was launched Aug. 5 2011. Juno being a Roman female deity, a Queen, wife of Jupiter, and defender of the state, I would connect Juno reaching Jupiter with Hillary Clinton, possibly rising in the polls, leaving the email issue behind, and possibly winning the U.S. Presidential election in November 2016. Agreeing with this idea is an Astrology alignment on July 4 2016 - a cluster of planets in Cancer: Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus (connected with Hillary). Something significant in Hillary's political campaign could happen then on July 4 2016 (the U.S. national holiday) to send her forward to victory in November. So this could be a turning point for Hillary. This may be a tale of 2 NASA spacecraft - Cassini holographically connected with Putin and traveling to Saturn/Satan, Juno connected with Hillary reaches Jupiter and orbits it in July 4 2016, Juno may be connected to the possible election of Hillary Clinton in November 2016, and President Hillary will defend the U.S. from Putin the Antichrist in 2017.
Hillary - Juno - Jupiter - U.S.
Putin - Cassini - Saturn/Satan - Russia

July 9 2016. North Korea launched a missile from a submarine, a missile test.

July 11 2016. It was announced that Theresa May will be the new UK Prime Minister that week, repacing David Cameron. 6.3 quake, Ecuador South America.

July 13 2016. 6.3 earthquake, New Zealand.

July 14 2016. Terrorist attack in Nice France, where a truck drove into a crowd. A dark spot was seen on the sun. A long time inactive volcano near Rome Italy (20 miles from it) has indications of awakening, become active again.

July 15 2016. Failed coup in Turkey, followed by a state of emergency in the country.

July 22 2016. Terrorist attack in Munich Germany, shootings at a mall there.

July 25 2016. 6.4 quake, Papua New Guinea.

July 27 2016. Reported that the red spot of Jupiter is actually very hot.

July 28 2016. A Chinese rocket was seen streaking across the night sky over Utah and California. Reported that Russia and Putin were behind hacking of the Democrats (DNC) emails. "Corpse Flower" Amorphophallus Titanum, from Sumatra, that is very smelly, started to bloom at New York Botanical Garden in New York City, the last time it bloomed there was in 1939 (as World War 2 began). A sign of the Fourth Horseman Death riding soon?

July 29 2016. Zika cases reported, direct transmission, in Florida. 7.7 quake, Mariana Islands in the Pacific.

August 3 2016. North Korea missile tests.

August 4 2016. Human - animal hybrids to be created. 6.3 quake near Iwo Jima Japan.

August 5 2016. Olympics began today in Brazil.

August 10 2016. Putin said the Russian FSB stopped a terrorist attack by Ukraine on Crimea.

August 12 2016. Tension escalated between Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine military on high alert. Russian Navy war games in the Black Sea. An invasion of Ukraine by Russia could occur by 2017. 7.2 earthquake, New Caledonia. Floods from heavy rain in Louisiana.

August 16 2016. Russian bomber planes based in Iran, were bombing in Syria. Evidence of Russia/Iran/China bear/lion/dragon alliance of Revelation 13.

August 19 2016. 7.4 earthquake, August 19, at South Georgia Island region, near Antarctica and the tip of Chile in the South Atlantic Ocean. 6.4 quake there on August 21.

August 24 2016. 6.2 earthquake in central Italy. 6.8 earthquake, Burma.

August 27 2016. Astronomy conjunction seen in the Western sky, of Venus and Jupiter very close within a fraction of a degree. Could be related to the Antichrist Putin, since Jupiter is connected with the Antichrist.

August 29 2016. 7.1 earthquake in Atlantic Ocean, mid-ocean. Earthquakes at Iceland's large volcano Katla, could indicate increasing activity there.

Sept. 1 2016. Annular solar eclipse in Africa. 7.1 earthquake, New Zealand.

September 3, 2016. 5.6 earthquake, Oklahoma. 5.6 earthquake, Ferndale California.

September 5 2016. 6.3 earthquake in Russia.

September 11 2016. Volcano eruption on French Island Reunion in Indian Ocean.

September 14 2016. 6.0 earthquake, Colombia, South America.

September 16 2016. Prenumbral (partial) lunar eclipse.

September 18 2016. Terrorist bombing in New York City. Parliamentary election voting in Russia for 450 seats in Duma.

October 3 2016. Jewish Calendar Rosh Hashanah, year 5777 begins. Note that 777 is "The Cross", in Greek, the original language of the New Testament including the Book of Revelation, and 666 is the number of the Antichrist and 888 is "Jesus" in Greek. End Times events then? Also: 6x6x6=216, similar to 2016, Antichrist connection. And 2016=42x48=42x6x8. 42 is Antichrist-connected since the Antichrist rules 42 months.
Jan. 2 2017. 6.3 and 6.9 quakes, near Fiji, islands in the Pacific.

January 8 - February 6 2017. For 4 weeks, a rare astrology pattern where all 8 planets are moving forward (direct).

Jan. 10 2017. 6.3 quake, Solomon Islands in Pacific. 7.3 quake, Philippines.

Jan. 11 2017. A long hole was seen in the corona of the sun, a darkened area.

Jan. 12 2017. Volcano eruption in Alaska Aleutian Islands volcano.

January 15 2017. There have been many reported UFO sightings of large silent triangle shape UFOs in December 2016 - January 2017. These have been seen across the U.S., especially in Arizona, and also Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. This was the same type of large triangular UFO, as was seen as the 1997 Phoenix Lights UFO sightings.

Jan. 18 2017. Volcano eruption in Mexico.

Jan. 19 2017. 6.5 quake, Solomon Islands in the Pacific.

Jan. 22 2017. 7.9 quake, Papua New Guinea.

Jan. 27 2017. Alaska volcano eruption.

Feb. 4 2017. Unusual snowstorm in Middle Eastern countries. Volcano active in Hawaii.

Feb. 5 2017. Volcano eruption in Mexico.

February 7 2017. 6.3 quake in Pakistan. Meteor fireball seen across the Midwest U.S..

Feb. 10 2017. 6.5 quake, Phillipines.

February 11 2017. North Korea Ballistic Missile test. Prenumbrial (partial) lunar eclipse. A green color Comet 45P passes by earth, it can be seen with binoculars or telescope. Significance: green is an unusual color for a comet, and pale green is the color of the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse Death. So could the Fourth Horseman Death be riding soon in 2017? Comets are historically seen be ominous signs.

February 26 2017. Annular Solar Eclipse - seen in Chile, Argentina, Angola and Congo in Africa. 

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