Dumitru Duduman was  a Romanian pastor that smuggled bible into Russia. He was captured and torchered by the electric chair. When he was close to death Gabriel the arch angel came to him and ministered to him and by the grace of God he was expelled out of Romania.

When he moved to America Dumitru Duduman received a vision from the Lord and Gabriel showed him all of Californian, Las Vegas, New York, Nevada,  and Florida and was told that these cities were as Sodom and Gomorrah and that in one day it would burn. He was told that Revelation 17,18 and Ezekiel 38,39 talks of the Russian in invasion of America Mystery Babylon and in one day it will burn.

In one day Russia will attack America by sea and destroy America by nuclear weapons.The people of the Lord are instructed to flee into the wilderness to escape from sudden destruction in the protection of Jesus.

The Nations that will attack and destroy America are Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Central America, Mexico, and 2 others that where forgotten but one may be China according to Henry gruver's vision of the destruction of America.

Dumitru Dudaman

The Russian Invasion of America

A bear sleeping with a happy face in the cold ...
A bear sleeping with a happy face in the cold Russian sun. He can run at 33 mph (55 km/h) in the deep forest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

September, 1984

Late one night, I could not sleep, The children were sleeping on the luggage.  My wife and daughter were crying, I went outside and walked around.  I didn't want them to see me cry.  I walked around the building, crying and saying, "God!  Why did you punish me?  Why did you bring me into this country?  I can't understand anybody.  If I try to ask anybody anything, all I hear is, "I don't know."

I stopped in front of the apartment and sat on a large rock.  Suddenly a bright light came toward me.  I jumped to my feet because it looked as if a car was coming directly at me, attempting to run me down!  I thought the Romanian Secret Police had tracked me to America, and now they were trying to kill me.  But it wasn't a car at all.  As the light approached, it surrounded me.  From the light I heard the same voice that I had heard so many times in prison.

He said "Dumitru, why are you so despaired?" I said, "Why did you punish me?  Why did you bring me to this country?  I have nowhere to lay my head down.  I can't understand anybody."  He said, "Dumitru, didn't I tell you I am here with you, also?  I brought you to this country because this country will burn."  I said, 'then why did you bring me here to burn?  Why didn't you let me die in my own country?  You should have let me die in jail in Romania!  He said, "Dumitru, have patience so I can tell you.  Get on this."  I got on something next to him.  I don't know what it was.  I also know that I was not asleep.  It was not a dream.  It was not a vision.  I was awake just as I am now.

He showed me all of California and said, "This is Sodom and Gomorrah!  All of this, in one day it will burn!  It's sin has reached the Holy One."  

Then he took me to Las Vegas.  "This is Sodom and Gomorrah.  In one day it will burn."  

Then he showed me the state of New York.  "Do you know what this is?" he asked.  I said, "No."  He said "This is New York.  This is Sodom and Gomorrah!  In one day it will burn."  

Then he showed me all of Florida, "This is Florida." he said.   "This is Sodom and Gomorrah!  In one day it will burn."

Then he took me back home to the rock where we had begun.  "IN ONE DAY IT WILL BURN!   All of this I have shown you" - I said, "How will it burn?"  He said, "Remember what I am telling you, because you will go on television, on the radio and in churches.  You must yell with a loud voice.  Do not be afraid, because I will be with you."  I said, "How will I be able to go?  Who knows me here in America?  I don't know anybody here."  He said, "Don't worry yourself.  I will go before you.  I will do a lot of healing in the American churches and I will open the doors for you.  But do not say anything else besides what I tell you.  This country will burn!"

I said, "What will you do with the church?"  He said, "I want to save the church, but the churches have forsaken me."  I said, "How did they forsake you?"  He said, "The people praise themselves.  The honor that the people are supposed to give Jesus Christ, they take upon themselves.  In the churches there are divorces.  There is adultery in the churches.  There are homosexuals in the churches.  There is abortion in the churches and all other sins that are possible.

Because of all the sin, I have left some of the churches.  You must yell in a loud voice that they must put an end to their sinning.  They must turn toward the Lord.  The Lord never gets tired of forgiving.  They must draw close to the Lord, and live a clean life.  If they have sinned until now, they must put an end to it, and start a new life as the Bible tells them to live."

I said, "How will America burn?"  America is the most powerful country in this world.  Why did you bring us here to burn?  Why didn't you at least let us die where ALL the Dudumans have died?"

He said, "Remember this, Dumitru.  The Russian spies have discovered where the nuclear warehouses are in America.  When the Americans will think that it is peace and safety - from the middle of the country, some of the people will start fighting against the government.  The government will be busy with internal problems.  Then from the ocean, from Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico,,.." (He told me two other countries, but I didn't remember what they were.) "...they will bomb the nuclear warehouses.  When they explode, America will burn!"

"What will you do with the Church of the Lord? How will you save the ones that will turn toward you?" I asked.  He said, "Tell them this: how I saved the three young ones from the furnace of fire, and how I saved Daniel in the lions den, is the same way I will save them."

The angel of the Lord also told me, "I have blessed this country because of the Jewish people who are in this country.  I have seven million Jews in this country, but they do not want to recognize the Lord.  They didn't want to thank God for the blessing they received in this country.  Israel doesn't want to recognize Jesus Christ.  They put their faith in the Jewish people in America.  But, when America burns, the Lord will raise China, Japan, and other nations to go against the Russians.  They will beat the Russians and push them all the way to the gates of Paris.

Over there they will make a treaty, and appoint the Russians as their leaders.  They will then unite against Israel.  When Israel realizes she does not have the strength of America behind her, she will be frightened.  That's when she will turn to the Messiah for deliverance.  That's when the Messiah will come.  Then, the church will meet Jesus in the air, and he will bring them back with Him to the Mount of Olives.  At that time, the battle of Armageddon will be fought."

When I heard all of this I said, "if you are truly the angel of the Lord, and everything you have told me is true, then all you have said must be written in the Bible."  He said, "Tell everyone to read from Jeremiah 51:8-15, Revelation chapter 18, and Zechariah chapter 14, where Christ fights against those who possess the earth.  After His victory," the angel said, "there will be one flock and one Shepherd.  There will be no need for light.  The Lamb of God will be the Light.  There will be no sickness, no tears, and no deaths.  There will only be eternal joy and God will be the ruler.  There will be only one language.  Only one song.  And no need for a translator!   ... And, Dumitru," he continued, "a word of warning.  If you keep anything from the American people that you are told, I will punish you severely." "How will I know that this is for real -that it will really happen?"  I asked.  "As a sign that I have spoken to you, tomorrow before you wake, I will send someone to bring you a bed, and at noon I will send you a car and a bucket of honey.  After which I will send someone to pay your rent."  The next day someone brought Dumitru a bed, and at noon a car arrived with the bucket of honey. His rent was also paid, as God had promised him.  (See chapter 10, "THROUGH THE FIRE WITHOUT BURNING.") Then the angel left.


A Vision Received by Brother Dumitru Duduman - April 12, 1997 - I was on a large plain, it seemed to go on forever. I couldn't see the edges, but I know I was somewhere very high. The clouds seemed so close to where I stood that if I could reach out, I could touch them. I began to look around insistently, but all I could see was this plain covered with beautiful grass that was all the same height. The sky was calm and beautiful and there was a feeling of peace in this place. There were no buildings, no trees, no flowers, just the earth and the sky. As I continued to look around me, I saw a change in the sky. The clouds began to roll to the sides, and I saw a city come down from the clouds. It continued to descend until it reached the ground where I stood. I was amazed by what I saw, and I began to study it intently. I have traveled this world a lot, but I have never seen anything like I was seeing. The entire structure was so beautiful that it took your breathe away. It was all white and it shone so brightly that one could barely look at it. It was so large that if I stood at one corner and looked to see the other end, I could not. As I was trying to find an entrance into this place, I studied the walls and couldn't make out what they were built from. It seemed that it was built as a whole, all from one giant mass. There was no bricks, there were no cracks in the walls, there was no mortar. As I stood, to my left was a building that was very tall, and smaller buildings continued along the wall. It seemed like the entire city was under one roof. Although the buildings were different, they were connected between themselves. As I continued to look, I saw the stairs that led to the entrance, and they shone brighter than anything I have ever seen. They were gigantic, as was the wall that surrounded the city. No one would ever be able to force their way into this place. I don't know what sort of material it was built from, but I got the impression that those inside, could see out. Wanting to find out what waited inside, I began to climb the stairs. I didn't get very far, because I heard a powerful voice which drowned out everything else. "Stop!" Even if I wanted to continue walking I could not. It was as if I was paralyzed. "Tell my people, that their worship toward Me must not be out of fear, but out of love. Of what use will it be to them if I would tell them when the final hour will strike? What they must do is worship wholeheartedly. I have already sent them a guide. They have My Word. In my Word it has already been revealed that I will come as a thief in the night. Tell them that concern over tomorrow should not be found in them. They must be faithful, and fight the good fight. Love me as I have loved them, living in love. Behold destruction is fast approaching, but I will not hesitate to protect for my chosen. Those that sow mercy, shall receive mercy from Me. Tell my people not to worry about the seasons, but to meditate on how they will stand before Me. Urge them to prepare for that day when I will show My power. Look!" When I turned, I saw a small child that was trying to climb the stairs. He tried, but because he was so small he could not make it to the next step. His laughter however echoed throughout like a bell. Even thought he kept falling, he showed no sign of sadness, but just kept trying. "Didn't I leave you with this parable as an example?" Then everything disappeared.


A Vision Received by Brother Dumitru Duduman - April 1997 - I knelt beside my bed to pray, as I do every night before going to sleep. After finishing my prayer I opened my eyes, but I was no longer in my room. Instead I found myself in a forest. I looked around and to my right I saw a man, dressed in white, who pointed a finger and said, "See and remember." It took me a while to find what he was looking at. It was a small bear who seemed half dead lying on the ground. As I continued to watch this bear, it began to breathe deeper. With every passing minute it seemed to revive itself, and, as I watched, it continued to become angrier. It than began It then began to grow. Soon it was larger than the forest floor and as it grew larger it continued to become angrier. It than began to paw the ground, so that when its paw hit the ground, the earth would shudder. The bear continued to devastate all that was in its path until it came upon some men with sticks trying to fend it off. By this time the bear had become so large that it simply crushed the men underfoot and continued its rampage. I was stunned by what I saw and asked the man standing beside me, "What does this mean?" "At first , they thought the bear was dead," the man said. "As it will begin to stir once again, they will consider it harmless. Suddenly it will grow strong once more with purpose and violence. God will blind the eyes of those who continue to trample on the sacrifice of Christ's blood, until the day the bear will strike swiftly. This day will catch them unprepared and it will be just as you saw." The man said, "Tell my people that the days are numbered and the sentence has been passed. If they will seek My face and walk in righteousness before Me, I will open their eyes that they may see the danger approach. If they only look to the approaching danger, they too will be caught up and trampled under foot. Only in righteousness will they find safety." Suddenly I was again by myself in my room, on my knees, with sweat covering my face. Dumitru Duduman


A Vision Received by Brother Dumitru Duduman - 1997 - "I have spoke to you as a father speaks to his own children. I have shown you what will be that you may prepare your hearts and strengthen your spirits for the day of battle. Dark days are soon coming upon the earth. Days of mourning and great sadness. I tarry for those who seek me with a pure heart. I give strength to those who seek me continually. The lawless one has been prepared, and he is ready to reveal himself. He awaits his release. He will come with a lying tongue and deceiving words. I will protect My own, and I will deliver them even out of the clutches of the enemy. Those that will be strong until the end, those that will be called to be living testimonies for my name's sake will receive the crown of life. Let righteousness be your banner, and My word be your guide. Be rooted in the truth. As the dawn comes to chase away the night, so will the darkness rule only for its allotted time. Be strong in the knowledge that I protect and watch over all who are Mine. Amen." Dumitru Duduman

Excepted from:
Dreams and Visions From God

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