A current appreciation for miracles, angelic visitations, and life-after-death experiences in popular culture, may signal a renewed awareness to forms and expressions of the “supernatural” in everyday life. Although our overly-material mind-set will tend to draw us to conclude there is no true spiritual entity or spiritual battles happening, there can be no denial that we do not fully comprehend the Cosmos and reality for what it really is. We think of God, the devil and the angels. Yet, the Scriptures speak of cherubim, seraphim, satyrs, fire-breathing dragons and other types of creatures, some that we tend to toss into the class of “visionary” or “symbolic” entities. We have Leviathan the fleeing serpent, Leviathan the twisting serpent, and the dragon of the sea. So, to put all this into perspective, I am providing here a very exciting follow up on The revelation of God's will for man.

To understand what was happening, you must understand the separation of the spirit from the flesh. To know how this works, we must know how we, ourselves, are made. The Bible states that we, as humans beings are made in the image of God. The Bible is considered a sacred text by three major world religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Many devout believers consider it to be the literal truth. Others treat it with great respect, but believe that it was written by human beings and, as such is a complex, often contradictory document.

To understand this, we must know what God is. The Bible states three immutable things about God:
1st God is Spirit, 2nd God is invisible and 3rd God is immortal. If we are made in His image, then we are spirit, we are invisible, and we are immortal. Therefore, when we look into a mirror we do not see our real selves. We see only the body, or earthen vessel, in which we live. Since we are all made in the image of God, we would all be mirror images of one another without our earthly, physical bodies. Therefore, we were given a soul to separate us from one another to make us an individual.The animals in this world also have a soul. The only difference between their souls and ours is that our soul belongs to the spirit. Their souls belongs to the body. When the body perishes, the soul perishe with it. When our body perishes, the soul remains with the spirit. When the spirit is lifted from the body, the soul came with it. I suppose the simplest way to identify the soul would be to say that it is one's personality.

All things are threefold. from the Divine Triad of Father (Yahweh), Son, and Holy Spirit, to
man, who is composed of the fleshly body the sensitive soul, and the rational
spirit, it defines the human principles as follows:

·         The sensitive soul is of the four elements, and is the seat of understanding and genius for arts and sciences; You are able to tune the body and soul using the spiritual wavelengths your vision don't see.The soul is an immaterial element; in other words, the soul is spirit as well. It’s the very element in which intellect, emotion, and free will are housed. The soul is the element which controls the body in these three areas. The soul is immortal in the sense that it cannot be annihilated; therefore, it remains alive even if the body is dead physically. Since it’s where free will is located; consequently, it’s the very element that carries the massive burden of sin. Our soul gives us the ability to think, choose, imagine, remember, and feel. Most importantly, the soul is the very embodiment of our mind. As a result, our mind is the very part of our body that Satan and his demons contend against the truth persistently. How we deal with our mind in the light of what the Bible says decides our response to temptation and the deceptions of the enemy. Thereby, our mind needs to be renewed to God’s Word continually (Romans 12:2). Our soul also needs to be fed regularly through the Word and prayer in order to keep it healthy and strong (Matthew 4:4).
·         The rational spirit is from God absolutely; It interacts with God and the spiritual realm through its own set of “senses,” things like faith, hope, and prayer. The sphere of its activity is celestial and divine, and divine inspiration and influence pass through it to the material body. The human spirit is an element given to men in order to enable them to know God intimately through a genuine relationship. Our human spirit is what connects us with God. So to be connected with God is to be alive spiritually (Ephesians 2:5; Romans 6:11; John 5:24) while to be disconnected from God is to be dead spiritually (Romans 6:23; Ephesians 2:1; Colossians 2:13). Our human spirit is the element through which the Spirit of God dwells in us after being regenerated by Him (Romans 8:15-16; 1 John 2:20). Man’s conscience needs to be connected to God by the power of the Holy Spirit so that it can operate at the dimension of sensitivity and awareness that God wants. In other words, men’s conscience needs to be illuminated by the indwelling work of the Spirit of God.
·         The body is earth. A house wherein soul and spirit abide temporarily and perform their functions, having been married therein by God at creation.

At the same time, these strive daily with one another, till the spirit overcomes the soul, and thus attains Godly regeneration, or the Flesh overcomes the soul and and thus attains ungodly regeneration. The Spiritual, continue forever, but continues indefinitely in the realm it is a part of in the afterworld.

Thus, there are only two kinds of death:

· That which results from the destruction of vital physical organs by disease or injury

· That which results from the destruction of the sensitive soul.

Physical disintegration and flight of the divine Spirit follow in either case. The body and spirit may also be recalled by the direct action of the will of God, without disease or injury.

Gen 5:23  And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years:
Gen 5:24  And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.

Rom 8:1  There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Neither the body nor the spirit can function on its own; both look to the soul for direction and action. Man should therefore preserve and embalm his body against infectious diseases, for the living organism can be embalmed better than a corpse. It is impossible, however, to cure those diseases with which God in His unsearchable compassion, may Himself scourge mankind.When a person dies, there are two different eternities to which they may go, Luke 16:22-23; Heb. 9:27; Matt. 13:42; Matt. 25:46.

Most importantly, he should also combat the venomous influences of ominous Spiritual forces, for Elohim, has gifted men with the power to compose characters that will destroy such influences, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The invisible world is occupied by an Almighty, benevolent God, Yahweh, and a host of spirits, including angels, archangels, and other more malevolent entities, powers, and principalities. The idea of Yahweh having a governing body around him may sound strange to us today, but you’ll start to see it in the Scriptures more clearly as we go along. The bible, or Canonical Scripture, and other Hebrew sources teach that Yahweh has established a government in the spiritual realm that assists Him in the affairs of mankind. Watchers and holy ones, make up this council of Yahweh and rule the physical regions or geographic areas or nation of this world. Many of the non-canonical Hebrew writings mention it too if you know to be looking for it!

 Gen 11:7  Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.
Dan 4:17  This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.
Psa 82:1  A Psalm of Asaph. God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods.
Psa 82:6  I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.

The earliest reference to a system of seven archangels as a group appears to be in Enoch I (the Book of Enoch) which is not part of the Jewish Scriptures, where they are named as Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Zerachiel and Remiel.
· Yahweh has a divine council around His throne that rule and reign over various aspects of creation.
· Yahweh has appointed governing princes over each nation to guide and aid mankind. These princely rulers are often referred to as gods (lower G) because over time men began to worship them as gods.

Give thanks to the God of gods, for his steadfast love endures forever. Give thanks to the Lord of lords, for his steadfast love endures forever; (Psalms 136:2-3 ESV)
But they are never to be considered as peers of Yahweh or on his level. For we are clearly told:

Psa 86:8  Among the gods there is none like unto thee, O Lord; neither are there any works like unto thy works.

We commonly find Yahweh contrasted with these types of beings when he is referred to as the one true God, the true Lord of lords and the God of gods.

Then a spirit came forward and stood before the LORD, saying, 'I will entice him.' And the LORD said to him, 'By what means?' And he said, 'I will go out, and will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets.' And he said, 'You are to entice him, and you shall succeed; go out and do so.' (1 Kings 22:19-22 ESV)
the borders of the peoples, the number of the nations created, were based upon the number of sons of God that there were.

When the Most High gave to the nations their inheritance, when he divided mankind, he fixed the borders of the peoples according to the number of the sons of God. (Deuteronomy 32:8 ESV)
It emphasizes that these “Glorious Ones” immediately followed by bringing up reference to angels as being more powerful than them, could easily be speaking about those in spiritual authority over nations. We are to understand they are on a different hierarchy level and we are instructed to respect and recognize the authority given to them by Yahweh.

2Pe 2:10  But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous are they, selfwilled, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities.
2Pe 2:11  Whereas angels, which are greater in power and might, bring not railing accusation against them before the Lord.

· The term Baal is fairly generic and simply means someone along the lines of a lord or master.
So Baal does become more of a term that is applied to worshipped beings. It is used frequently throughout the Hebrew Scriptures in different manners such as lords of cities, monuments, tribes of Israel, and certain abilities. We find often that this body of beings is used in a plural sense. In this case, of the Baals, they made one of them, Baal-berith, their leader:

As soon as Gideon died, the people of Israel turned again and whored after the Baals and made Baal-berith their god. (Judges 8:33 ESV)

· The word we use, Satan, is always actually a name, but a title.

“Satan” is a Hebrew word meaning “adversary” or “accuser.” It’s never used as a name in the Old Testament and is often applied to humans. For example, King Rezon of Syria is said to be a satan (“adversary”) of Solomon. There is also an angelic creature known as “the satan,” who acts as a sort of prosecutor. For example, God allows the satan to persecute Job to see if he will remain faithful even after losing everything. Correctly, we usually refer to “the Devil,” but at some point, we started treating “Satan” as a given name, with no “the” needed. So does the Devil have a name? It’s not Lucifer (“morning star”), which the Bible only uses once, about a king of Babylon. And Belial and Beelzebub didn’t start as names, either. So if the Devil is supposed to have a name, we have no idea what it is. The word “devil” (diabolos) also means “accuser” and is just a Greek translation of satan. Satan is merely one of the rebellious princes and sons of God and has more than likely completed his “allotted period”. As mentioned earlier, Satan actually gets very little coverage in the Hebrew Scriptures, and appears more in the New Testament because his allotted time was focused mainly on the time of the coming of the Messiah.

Having said all that, in the demon world, there is a division of power much like a military structured chain command with rank and order. Certain demons carry the title of prince, which is always the demon in charge of a principality. A principality is a territory, an area, a place or a group that may range in size from as large as a nation to as small as a person. When Satan assigns a prince a task, the prince is given the authority to act in the name of Satan and use whatever means necessary or available to him to accomplish his task.

Eze 28:13  Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created. Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.

many people equate this as being about Satan. But the text does not necessitate that and instead can easily be seen as yet another story of just one of the sons of God,  a guardian of the garden, later a princely ruler of Tyre, falling and being destroyed by Yahweh.

· Archangel Michael is just “one” of these chief princes.

Archangels are the highest-ranking angels in heaven. God gives them the most important responsibilities, and they do their work both in the heavenly dimension and in the earthly one. The word “archangel” is from the Greek words “arche” (ruler) and “angelos” (messenger), signifying archangels’ dual duties. Archangels rule over the universe’s daily operation on missions from God, while also delivering messages from God to human beings.

They're 7 in number and were repeatedly mentioned in Revelations;

"I saw in heaven another great and marvelous sign: seven angels with the seven last plagues—last, because with them God’s wrath is completed. " - Rev 15:1
Dan 10:13  But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia.

Dan 12:1  And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.
Dan 12:2  And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

Michael is litterally in charge, or a ruler of Daniel’s people. So it is no wonder we hear more about this Michael angel than others, because the thrust of the whole of Scripture is dealing with Yahweh’s chosen nation Israel, of which Michael is the prince.
The Son of God, Saviour of the World

And the devil took him up and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time, and said to him, "To you I will give all this authority and their glory, for it has been delivered to me, and I give it to whom I will. If you, then, will worship me, it will all be yours." (Luke 4:5-7 ESV)

Faith in the benevolent power of Christ is the most powerful charm to challenge the works of evil Conjurers, spirits and witches. The Son of God, Saviour of the World, generated in the fullness of time, and born, according to the flesh, of the Race of David, did live on this earth, whose Most Holy Name is Jesus, before which the heavens, earth, and hell do bend the knee; we have seen with what power He commanded demons, which power was also transmitted to St. Peter by that utterance:

“Upon this rock, I will build My
Church, and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.”

These words were addressed to Peter as the Head and Foundation of the Church. We then, who, by the mercy of God, and despite the poverty of our merit, have the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven committed to our hands, desiring to communicate the power of invoking and commanding Spirits, which hath been reserved unto us alone, and our possessors did alone enjoy; wishing, I repeat, by Divine inspiration, to share it with our fellow Christians and dear sons in Jesus Christ, and fearing not the Spiritual enemies, they might otherwise be appalled at the frightful figures of those rebellious angels who in sin were cast into the abyss, unless they should be sufficiently learned in those things which must be performed and observed, and that those who have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ may not be tormented by any witchcraft or possessed by the demon.

Rom 8:38-39  For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

In The revelation of God's will for man - Part 4, we will investigate in depth Israel’s significance and the mystery surrounding the Messiah, Jesus Christ.
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