American Revolution, Russian Spiritual Leadership and China Cradle of Christianity! These are the things Edgar Cayce's readings foretold.

During the dark days of the Great Depression and World War II, Edgar Cayce gave some of his deepest and most riveting psychic discourses. They are now called the World Affairs readings and are filled with questions about the challenges and turmoil of those decades.

Their guidance is universal, profound, and very relevant to our world today.

At present we find America in economic chaos and at war. We seek to understand how all this came about and what we, as individuals, can do to help. Cayce’s message is always one of hope. But the piercing and humbling wisdom of the Source of this material calls us to shoulder our portion of responsibility while it also helps us to understand the larger and very powerful unseen forces at work. We’ll focus on what these readings have to say about the world’s three superpowers—China, Russia, and America.


Despite the increasing persecution of Christians in China, the Communist country is on track to have the largest Christian population in the world by 2030, according to Rodney Pennington who studies religious trends for OMF International.

Despite the fact that the acronym for World Affairs readings is W-A-R, these 29 readings in the 3976 series are among my favorites. Indeed, the third reading, which is only one paragraph long, is especially profound. It was given in 1925, early in Edgar’s career while
he was in Dayton, Ohio. Very significantly, it is a voluntary reading; that is, no suggestion was given requesting this information. It immediately followed a dream interpretation reading for Morton Blumenthal and presents a spiritual perspective on tragedy and suffering.

Have some terribly hard times in China to day. In the
Manchurian region, a flood and fire both. Many peoples are
passing into the Borderland...those conditions arising from
this great boredom in the consciousness of many that will
bring the revolution in the minds of many peoples, and begin
that understanding of the purpose of the Gift of God to the
World in the One made manifest in the flesh, and able to bring
the consciousness made manifest in the world to the peoples.
Hence many will be able through this to lay aside the physical
and again manifest in...[the] physical before men. (3976-3) 
This brief but amazing reading which says that because of
twin disasters many people are dying may at first seem callous.
But it explains the deep, unseen spiritual purpose behind the
mass exodus of this soul group and seems to imply that they
were unable to fulfill their purpose for incarnating. Therefore,
these souls, who understood the purpose of God’s gift of Jesus
to the world would, in their next incarnation, be able to bring
this understanding to many peoples which would constitute a
“revolution” in thinking.
When Hugh Lynn Cayce asked for comment about the
Japanese and Chinese situation on June 24, 1938, the reply
again seemed harsh but also rich with promise.

Might does not make right. Rather will the principles of the
Christian faith be carried forward in and through the turmoils
that are a part of both China and Japan.
For without those cleansings and purifyings, tradition alone
may not be destroyed. For it is through the purging that the
strength and beauty of each will come forth. (3976-19)
The final World Affairs reading, given on June 22, 1944 for the Thirteenth Annual A.R.E. Congress, included a stunning prediction for China which builds upon the information provided in the above two readings.

Here, will be one day the cradle of
Christianity, as applied in the lives of
men. Yea, it is far off as man counts time,
but only a day in the heart of God—for
tomorrow China will awake. (3976-29)


In January 1932, the first study group requested a reading about “Present
World Conditions.”When asked about political and economic trends in Europe, that reading zeroed in on Russia:

"Europe is as a house broken up. Some
years ago there was the experience of a
mighty peoples being overridden for the
gratification and satisfaction of a few, irrespective
of any other man’s right. That
peoples are going through the experience
of being born again, and is the thorn in
the flesh to many a political and financial
nation in Europe, in the world..."
Qeustion. What is the name of that nation referred to?
Answer: Russia! (3976-8)
Three weeks later when Cayce was
asked, “What should be the attitude of so
called capitalist nations toward Russia?”
his reply was likely unexpected.

On Russia’s religious development will
come the greater hope of the world. Then
that one, or group, that is the closer in its
relationships, may fare the better in the
gradual changes and final settlement of
conditions as to the rule of the world.
Six months later, additional information was presented which helped to clarify this earlier prediction.
Out of Russia, you see, there may
come that which may be the basis of a
more world wide religious thought or
trend... (3976-12)
 When Hugh Lynn Cayce asked about the Russian situation in June 1938, he was told:
A new understanding has and will come
to a troubled people. Here, because of the
yoke of oppression, because of the self
indulgences, has arisen another extreme.
Only when there is freedom of speech, the
right to worship according to the dictates
of the conscience—until these come about,
still turmoils will be within. (3976-19)
As with China, the final World Affairs reading given in 1944 emphasized Russia’s vital role in the future of the earth but in “friendship” with America.

In Russia there comes the hope of the world,
not as that sometimes termed of the Communistic,
of the Bolshevistic; no.
But freedom, freedom! That each man
will live for his fellow man! The principle
has been born. It will take years for it to
be crystallized, but out of Russia comes
again the hope of the world. Guided by
what? That friendship with the nation
that hath even set on its present monetary
unit “In God We Trust.” (3976-29)


This 1932 reading not only provides timeless guidance for our times, it serves as a wake-up call for each of us.

Q. What is the cause of the great
economic depression and when may
conditions be expected to become normal
in the United States?

A. The United States may not expect
to recover sooner than another nation,
unless its basis for recovery is founded
in that that brings peace, harmony and
understanding. As it, the United States,
(in the present) is the leading nation in attempting
to give an understanding of the
principles of “Thou shalt love thy neighbor
as thyself,” it stands above all others
in its financial, in its social positions in
the world; yet it has faltered, and—as of
old—when troubles arise, when fearful
conditions beset thee, the same answer
as was of old, “Know ye that sin lieth at
thy door!”
When there are, then, the greater number
that would see that the ideal is again
made the standard, then may conditions
be expected to improve. This not as men
count improvement, in dollars and cents,
but in contentment and understanding—
and one is the fruit of the other! (3976-8)
 When Gertrude Cayce asked for information on national and international affairs in June 1938, the reply was likely unsettling.

It is also understood, comprehended by
some, that a new order of conditions is to
arise; that there must be many a purging
in high places as well as low; that there
must be the greater consideration of each
individual, each soul being his brother’s
keeper. There will then come about those
circumstances in the political, the economic
and the whole relationships where there
will be a leveling...it behooves all of those
who have an ideal...to be practicing, applying
same...in their relationships as one to
another. For unless these are up and doing,
then there must indeed be a new order in
their relationships and their activities.
All too often has this message been
forgotten in the pulpits and in the organizations,
not only in the national
relationships but in the international
relationships...And there cannot be one
measuring stick for the laborer in the
field and the man behind the counter, and
another for the man behind the money
changers. All are equal—not only under
the material law but under the spiritual.
Though there may come those periods
when there will be great stress, as brother
rises against brother, as group or sect or
race rises against race—yet the leveling
must come. And only those who have
set their ideal in Him and practiced it in
their dealings with their fellow man may
expect to survive the wrath of the Lord...
And then there should be, there will be
those rising to power that are able to meet
the needs. For none are in power but that
have been given the opportunity by the
will of the Father—from which all power
emanates. (3976-18)
This reading was continued four days later and warned of the unthinkable—the possibility of revolution in the USA.

We are our brother’s keeper. Then if
those in position to give of their means,
their wealth, their education, their position,
do not take these things into consideration,
there must be that leveling that will come.
For unless these are considered, there
must eventually become a revolution in
this country—and there will be a dividing
of the sections as one against another. For
these are the leveling means...to which
men resort when there is the plenty in
some areas and a lack of the sustenance in
the life of others. These are the manners in
which such things as crime, riots, and every
nature of disturbance arise...
For all stand as one before Him. For
the Lord is not a respecter of persons,
and these things cannot long exist...then,
America—the United States—must take
warning. For to whom does the wealth belong?
To whom do the possibilities of the
land belong? Does it belong to those who
have inherited it, to those who have been
given the positions by power? Or to those
who have by their labor, by the sweat of
their brow produced same? (3976-19)
A year later in June, 1939, when Cayce gave a discourse on the major problems confronting the American people, it again warned of possible revolution.

The ideals, the purposes that called the
nation into being are well...there needs to
be on the part of each man, each woman,
the adhering to those principles that caused
the formulating of the American thought.
...if there is the turning of every man
and woman to the thought of God, then
we may solve every problem...Ye are to
have turmoils...That such is to be a part
of the experience of America is because
of unbelief!...Unless there is a more
universal oneness of purpose on the part
of all, this will one day bring—here—in
 The reply to the last question in this reading not only asks us to reexamine our own values and ideas, it cuts straight to the heart of the spirit of the Cayce readings.
Q. How can [we]...protect...our democracy?
A. Raise not democracy nor any other
name above the brotherhood of man, the
Fatherhood of God! (3976-24)
In the final World Affairs reading given on June 22, 1944, less than six months before Edgar’s death, he addresses the spirit and “the sin of America.”

What is the spirit of America? Most
individuals proudly boast “freedom.”
Freedom of what? When ye bind men’s
hearts and minds through various ways
and manners, does it give them freedom
of speech? Freedom of worship? Freedom
from want?...In the application of these
principles...America may boast, but
rather is that principle being forgotten...
and that is the sin of America. (3976-29)
Reading 3975-15, given on January19, 1934, is one of the most complex
in the World Affairs series. The subject was the spiritual, mental, and physical changes coming to the earth. In answer to the question, “Is America fulfilling her destiny?” this amazing reading replied by making a prophetic statement about China and changes that we are experiencing in our world today.

Rather should the question be sought…,
are individuals fulfilling those channels to
which they have been brought through
their own application of the knowledge
within themselves to fulfill their position?
For each and every one, each and every
nation, is led—even as in heaven. For that
ye see in Earth is a pattern of that in the
mind... and is as a shadow of spiritual
truth, life and light...If there is not the
acceptance in America of the closer brotherhood
of man, the love of the neighbor
as self, civilization must wend its way
westward—and again must Mongolia,
must a hated people, be raised. (3976-1

On April 12, 1931,
Hugh Lynn Cayce and two businessmen got a follow-up reading, 3976-7, about the possibility of building a world organization to benefit mankind. This had been broached four years earlier by Edgar
Cayce and three other men. At that time, the reading was encouraging. But this time, Cayce’s source spent over half of the reading stressing the great amount of thought and preparation which this undertaking would require as well as the necessary ideas and ideals.

The first question asked how many men should compose the “central board of control of the parent holding corporation.” Cayce’s reply talked about service and prayer.

The second question again asked who should be on this board. Surprisingly the Source answered with four words: “We have no suggestions.” Nevertheless, the men persisted and asked three more questions about who should be members of this board. Edgar continued to respond with spiritual guidance.

Q. Any other advice and guidance forthese three?

A. Thou hast had set before thee that
thou art able, wilt thou but sacrifice self,
wilt thou crucify the flesh that the light
may shine forth. … (3976-7) 

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