In modern times, both Agnostics and Christians are mostly looking at the living, moral teaching of the Bible from the lower standpoint of our own conception of life, this doctrine appears as nothing but a very indefinite and vague combination of self-denial, easy-going philosophy, and of shortsighted visions, which have no serious significance for our times. Its whole meaning is concentrated, in its religious displays in the conflict with the historical powers of Catholicism, Protestantism or in other dogmas. Scientist are utterly unaware of the true significance of the very world-shaking events which they are actively researching. The media reports, without any insight into the real meaning of the world news they report on every day and even our religious leaders fail to bring this into context with their teachings.

Truth is not based on either an intellectual or emotional presentation of the Word of Yahweh often changed to make it more acceptable to the audience, but on Yahweh's original purpose, which is to make us more holy and righteous in our character and behavior. The “makes me feel good message” comes from pulpits and seminars. We popularize the Gospel by being politically correct and style the Faith in a less disruptive way, an all-inclusive acceptance of various doctrines. Just because it’s so much more convenient for everybody to explain scientifically. Similarly, "emotional" preaching and teaching (Making me feel good motivational teaching) wrongs revelation and many believers follow these highly paid speakers to find this Inner peace which we so desperately need.

Yahweh's Word has always stood opposite the ideas of flesh and human rationale. Truth is the foundation of faith. When we base interpretation of truth on our experiences we totally lose the basis of truth. Instead of judging our human experiences by the Word of Yahweh, this idea suggests that we judge the Word of Yahweh by human experiences. Man, is taught throughout Scripture to never trust himself. This issue is much too complex to debate in a book as concise as this because this explanation tests not the cosmic limit but our mental limit

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