This publication will introduce you to the Spiritual dimension and open the way for you to grow into this dimension, in finding liberation of your true destiny. This introduction is a psychological preparation for a good start. Before engaging, you should know what you want and if you are motivated enough to get to the Truth. You are able to recognize the Truth, to distinguish it, and to free it from falsehood.

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Are you satisfied with your current situation or would you like to continue?

Happy or unhappy because of your financial situation, your social standing, your culture, your philosophical conviction, a human love, etc. Why is there evil in the world? Do you believe in the existence of a god? So where does the evil come from? Is He material or Spirit? Why did God create? What is the link between him and us? Can he help you in your search? Is he silent or does he reveal Himself? What, then, of the many Spiritual paths that exist, should we choose?

If you do not want to spiritualize your life, this publication is not addressed to you. But if you are thirsty for the discovery of the Truth that goes further, then you must go all-out. Truth and happiness are inseparable. You will rise from the darkness to see the Light; you have all the tools necessary to break the chains of secularity, mediocrity and banality.

One has to start from the following behaviors, if your search is expected to produce results:

  • Deep longing to know the Truth. He who has no thirst cannot be given anything.
  • Honesty: whole and deliberate use of the will and the intelligence to discover the Truth and to turn to it, with, or even without repentance and reservations.
  • Courage to gradually unlearn and break old habits, friendships, social ideas and acquaintances, because they slow the mental development and liberation of the soul.
  • Understanding that there is only one, objective Truth. A concept and its opposite cannot both be true. Nor can one create his own subjective Truth. The sun exists or it does not exist. The same applies to God.
  • Responsibility. Understand freedom of choice and bear the responsibility for its decision. The ability to accept this, testifies to a trustworthy maturity.
  • Do not be distracted by the worries of everyday life. The Spiritual way will introduce you to the Spiritual dimension and open the way for you to grow into this dimension in all freedom that you were given at inception.

The Three levels of your persona:

The physical level affects the physical life: vitality, health, robustness, good reflexes, etc. In the nutritional sector one should cultivate the quality and quantity of the food to prevent overloading and Body filling, the cause of diseases. One should cultivate the vitality of the Body through movement and gymnastics: a healthy Body for a healthy mind.

Our mental level affects the intellectual and sentient life of the Body and soul: the intellect embraces the realm of intelligence, the capacity for attention and concentration, the memory, the imagination, etc. The emotional life concerns love. The love of oneself and others that must be balanced. It is a cautious and selective companion - according to the moral qualities of others - supports our development as individuals
The Spiritual level moves the mind and holds the Spiritual life. This level guides our whole character. If we are well informed at this level, contentment will irradiate our whole being. That is why this level is the most important. It must be grasped firmly to give it the perfection of Truth. This is the goal of our search.

A perfect equilibrium must prevail between these three elements. To deal only with one plane and to neglect the other, disturbs our whole being. Any imbalance disturbs the human disposition. As a starting point, you have to be aware of the Order of these three levels. The most important is the Spiritual, then the psychological, and finally the physical plane. This, last part of our person, the Body, is certainly important too. It is the logical part of our persona that can obscure the rest of our being. Since the physical is visible and immediate, there is a risk that the rest will be covered, and that we struggle to find the other parts. The Body, however, should serve as a means to discover the two other indiscernible dimensions. They have a vital meaning which is much greater than the material. Therefore, we must strive to make a tool of discovery from the Body, the seat of soul and Spirit; by disciplining it, coaching it, and guiding it from within, with Divine Wisdom acquired in the Divine Scriptures, by Divine Spiritual interpretation.

Are you ready, after you have thought about this introduction, to search through this wisdom? Is this pure curiosity, or with the firm determination to discover yourself or to become a new Creation? You will be enriched and ripened, and so far, that you will not recognize the “old you” in you. If your heart says yes, then do not delay. Answer this call. If you are determined, you will discover the world of happiness in which many people no longer believe, for it is not of this material world, but it is still in this world. It is up to you to discover them.

The Scriptures predicted that Jesus will manifest Himself again to explain the ultimate purposes of God’s remaining mysteries. These plans are expressed in one word: Restoration. This restoration must be done by the illumination of the Holy Scriptures. Those who do not want to take the trouble to scrutinize these Scriptures and understand them have no hope

Paul wrote to Timothy:

And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in the Messiah Yahshua. All scripture given by inspiration of Yahweh, indeed is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of Elohim may be complete, throughly furnished unto all good works.
(2 Timothy 3:15-17)

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